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Innitially established by Mrs. Doan Thi Huu Nghi in 2007 just to solve a social problem for poor women working in the Vietnamese textile industry: female workers had to leave their husbands and children to go up to concentrated industry zone to work, only to a few years later return to a broken home of adulterous husband and spoled children.

Bellizeno replaced the traditional "big factory" model of textile production with the "small workshops" model. We would go to specific rural areas, teaching poor local women there to do embroidery and textile manufacturing, and established them into small independent workshops fully capable of producing for Bellizeno. Thus, the female workers can henceforth work without leaving their hometown. They still get to teach their children to do homework in the evening, and sleep with their husbands at night.

So we are actually a social enterprise.

Not only that, after many years just focusing on high quality products that are disctinctly unique: hand-made, embroidery, lacing, Organic beddings... Bellizeno has aquired suppliers of Organic fabric with exceptional quality, and also trained our workers to possess skills impossible for any competitors to mimic, especially in the field of hand-made textile production, enable us to be the leading company in Vietnam in producing Organic beddings and home textiles that we are today.

In 2017, Bellizeno was honored to represent Vietnam to make National Presents to over 250 APEC leaders from all over the world, sending the very flowers among the hand-mades of our nation to all the ends of the earth.

If you are a health-concern person, who are sick of mediocre beddings flooding the market, and who are seeking for "the next level" of natural sleeps, the feeling of a vastly sea of pillowy grass and the air of heaven, this is where you are meant to be.

Happy shopping,

Kiều Quốc Hưng.

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